Sunday, 3 August 2014

Refashion No 7 - Summer dress from a tank top and a t-shirt

It has been a while since I have chucked these two tops in the refashion pile, without having a good idea what to do with them. First of all - why did these two end up in a non-wearable as is pile? Well, as they were both greenish, they didn't really look good with any other pieces of clothing I have, without looking uniform-like, which really isn't the look I was ever going for!

Although the colours of these tops look quite different [due to my poor photography skills] the shades were quite well matched, so I have decided to merge these two into a summer dress.
The process was rather easy as a matter of fact - some snipping was in order and I have ended up with a comfy dress to slip on over my swim suit. Here is the final result:

And this concludes my pre-holiday refashion action! With this dress, the lace back one, philodendron skirt and sailor shirt, little sundress and these sandals I will be off to the beach first thing tomorrow morning! Holiday, here I come! Dürres will soon be conquered :) 

With love,


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