Sunday, 3 August 2014

Refashion No 8 - What to do with the ómbre dress?

I was contemplating the destiny of a summer dress I have had for a several years, but have never really worn it more than once or twice a year. But I just couldn't just give it away, because I really liked the red and hot pink ómbre ruffles.

Now. Let me explain the issues this dress had:
  • The top was quite formal and it made my top look chunkier than I liked it
  • Absence of any type of waist was adding to the 'appleness' of my body
  • The length did not allow for a belt or a sash to be worn with it, as it was making it too short for my taste
  • And finally, a hole has shown up on the right shoulder (which could have been patched up, but..)
All these issues have convinced me to abandon the idea of refashioning this dress in a better looking dress, adding a contrasting (hot pink) waist insert that would correct the 'waistlessness' and the length issues, but I was still stuck with a neckline apt for a nun candidate. That's when I gave up on re-dressing this dress. Thinking of what was the best part of this dress - it was simple to decide - hot pink / wine red ruffles would make a great infinity scarf, which could also be worn as a shrug!

In conclusion to this refashion, I have finally realised that A-line or straight cut dresses with ruffles are most probably THE WORST choice I could make when shopping for a skirt or a dress. [This conclusion had raised firm intention for another refashion of a dress that corresponds to this cut].

Here is my new scarf worn two ways - as a shrug and the infinity scarf:

And the rest I have used to craft this dress, that you might have seen previously.

Have fun and enjoy!

With love,


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