Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Refashion No. 4 - Sandals from flip-flops


I knoq I am out of the garment refashion zone, once again, but I promise this really has to do with particular needs of plus size girls. Namely, this season, footwear comes with really thin soles, which makes it quite uncomfortable for a large girl to bounce around in her time off work.
I mean, dress code limits my footwear options at the office to shoes and some more shoes, which makes me appreciate comfy sandals that are good for walking and also safe for driving, while looking at least somewhat feminine (and coming in size 9 1/2).  So, I have decided to make my own pair of sandals using soles of 2 pairs of cheapest flip-flops I could find (1 USD a pair), some glue, stretchy ribbon (t-shirt fabric would do just as nice), some pins and clamps. Supplies are shown on the picture below:

First off, I have filled holes from flip-flop straps with hot glue, as I felt it would be weird to leave the holes in the soles, but it is completely optional. Next, I have measured the ribbon for each of my feet, pinning it to the top sole. Next, I have proceded to glueing and clamping the straps to the sides and the bottom of the sole, leaving the glue to dry for a day.

Next, I have glued the second sole to the bottom of the first one, glueing and clamping as I went along the sole. One I was finished with both sandals, I was less then impressed with their look - glue between the soles was quite visible and very ugly, to be frank, so I assumed some digging throug my stash, disciovering some etno ribbons featuring blue hues, which I have used to embellish the straps on the outer side and along the sides of soles to cover any glue residues. Voila!

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  1. that is a wonderful idea, i might try this on some flips flops. you have such wonderful ideas, i am also a plus size lady