Saturday, 19 March 2016

A laptop cozy

Okay, so there was this very strange vest I had - just check that weirdly shallow v-neck. It was so weird I couldn't stay still wearing it and considering its destiny. The initial idea was to transform it into a shirt, only it turned out it would be too short. Chopped, it ended up sitting around for a while. 

Finally, I got a new laptop, and I sure wasn't buying a sleeve for it! So I turned to pieces of the old vest. As the vest was weirdly tailored, I had to piece the sleeve from several parts, rather then being able to make it out of a single piece of fabric. But never mind! It fits like a glove!

It fits like a glove!

Warm and cushy inside...
There are still a few pieces left so I see some other gadgets get dressed in scraps of this old&ugly vest.

Peace and love,

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Who remembers plush tracksuits?

To answer the above question... apparently, I do. A decade ago we were all wearing  plush tracksuits (knock offs and no names) because they were IN. Then, we kept wearing them because they were so damn comfy!
Shamelessly, I kept my suit all these years still preferring the bottoms as my go-to home wear. Although I rarely wore the top and bottom parts together, the zipper on the top part was broken last year, and I simply couldn't find the one of right colour and length to replace it. So, this sweatshirt was sitting in my refashion pile for a while now.

So the old zipper underwent a lengthy picking session...

So the front could be stitched up.

This could have done the job, only... I really dislike closed sweaters with hoodies. They are like, the worst. So, in this scenario, hoodie had to go!

Buh-bye hoodie! But wait! I had some scraps that are a match to this lovely fuchsia colour... And I could make a fun collar!

Ta-da! (please note plush bottoms - I am simply beyond help)

I am delighted with this save! I feel like I am going to have many cozy nights this cold spring!

Love & peace,


Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Summer recap no 6 - Shapeless skirt into dress-tunic

 This piece was something I had lingering around for years. I bought this piece of fabric more than 10 years ago in Ljubljana, when I needed an instant swimming suit cover-up, and once I brought it home, I have converted it in a 'skirt' without making any cuts to the fabric. Several years later, I found that darts forming the waist of the skirt became disintegrated, and I was left with something that used to be a skirt.

The print being so fun and the fabric of good quality I decided to make the simplest choice - remove remaining darts and zipper carefully and make the boat neck dress-tunic. It is perfectly fun and I plan to keep it as multi-season piece which could liven up a dark autumn combination.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Summer recap no 5 - 7/8 length pants into shorts + 2 pouches

As you could tell, this summer's refashions were dedicated to dealing with several pairs of similar capri-like (or more 7/8 lenghth) pants. In this case I have used the remaining trouser length to make travely loundry pouches which come really handy then travelling!


As for the shorts, I used some checkered red and white trim for hemming and making a loop for the button at the side for rolling up the hem.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Summer recap no 4 - Pants double bill

Project number 4 - A double bill: 
3/4 and 7/8 pants into shorts and full length color blocked pants 

My sister had 7/8 pants which she didn't wear, because she prefers full length pants. On the other hand, my husband had a pair of 3/4 which he wanted turned into shorts. To make them more comfortable, I used navy bias tape for the hem, allowing me to keep more length for length for lengthening the other pair. As for the 'stacking' result - it looked good. To reinforce the part of the paints suffering from the most wear and tear, I have ironed on the adhesive fabric.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Summer recap no 3 - a tshirt fix

I have dyed this t shirt only to notice the holes left from removing the tag. To conceal the holes, I added a piece of decorative tape stitching it over to cover the the tears.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Summer recap no 2 - tunic into beach coverup

My sister gave me this tunic, but it was already quite shabby, which made it perfect for my beach dress. What it lacked in length I added from the sleeves by slicing them lengthwise.  


The tunic had to be narrowed down a bit and instead of stitching at the sides I have left the ends untrimmed and tied. I used two scraps and tied the shoulder straps.