Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Refashion No. 3 - Blouse into beach dress

I was contemplating for a while, what could I make of the blouse I bought couple years ago and have worn it occasionally. The blouse seemed fun to wear, but the fact it was black made me look rather 'chunky' in it. But as the material was so gentle and pure cotton, I felt that I needed to find it a better purpose. Here it is, and what I made it into:

There it is! Now I have the first out of several planned and needed pieces of clothing for my August seaside holiday!

The idea for the refashion was simple, as shown at the picture below.

I have cut the raglan sleeves along the seam, proceeding with the cut along the collar. As I wasn't going for a halter top (any type of halter is driving me crazy), I have snipped the collar at the center of the back. At the same time, I have cut off 2 inches of fabric at the back, folding the top to make a channel for the string to connect the straps (collar ruffle). The reason I wanted to execute it this way is that I wanted to make the back of the dress flexible.

As the whole thing is black and rather difficult to show the intervention on any photo, I have made a drawing that represents the look of the dress from the back. String is shown in red, and it can be tied in a couple of ways, as desired!
In addition to this, I have added a lace scrap from my stash to the front, replacing the non-transparent black triangle connecting ruffles. And that was it!

I can now enjoy my sundress!

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