Thursday, 2 July 2015

Yoga pants to jumpsuit!

Recently, I learnt that jumpsuits are a big fashion thing this summer. And, I thought, I should get myself one. Only, I couldn't find a truly good looking plus size jumpsuit in Sarajevo, while the prices are anything but friendly (starting from 50 euro). So, I decided to make myself one.
I had this pair of really large yoga pants which became too large since I have started loosing weight. They cost 2 euros at an outlet store. They seemed like a perfect piece for transformation in a jumpsuit.
First, I unpicked the horizontal seam, detaching double layered waist band. Then, I removed the elastic sewn in the side stitches of the waist band, reattached these pieces to form a tube and stitched the tube back on the bottom part of the pants. This action resulted in a very long tube-y upper part of the jumpsuit. This picture shows jumpsuit to be pinned with two safety pins and hanged:

See? Then I figured out that I should unpick the side seam down to the point where my armpits would be once the piece is a jumpsuit. Which I did. As soon as I did that, I could put it on as a safety pin in and out jumpsuit. Only, it wouldn't do. Although, I did really line the cowl neck thing, deciding to keep it at front, while back had to be tackled differently.
All together, there was not enough fabric to reach over the shoulders, so I had to make an insert. As I decided to make a cowl neck, it was logical to 'amend' the back with a different fabric and lace was perfect for it. For this purpose I have use d rather opaque stretchy lace.

In its past life it used to be underwear. Having removed worn-out and ripped bits, I was left with two identical pieces which I decided to use for the back and the shoulder part of this jumpsuit. Therefore, I have chopped off a part of back above the armpit line to make room for the lacey insert. To make it right for the first time, I decided to use a pattern. The only pattern I had at hand was for a dress, so I used it, as shown below:

I have laid down the back pattern on the lace, connecting the front pattern to it at the shoulders, which allowed for the back panel to extend to the front and be easily connected to the cowl.
As for the front, I made very little changes - I created arm curve by using the front of the above pattern, tilting it outwards to achieve the cowl front. This required several tries to connect the lace and the front, but once they were pinned correctly, the rest was easy.
As for getting in and out of the jumpsuit, i decided not to stitch together the left and right side of the lace, but rather make them meet at the centre and attach by a hidden patent button. 
This is the jumpsuit: 
The back:

And closer front look:

I hope you like it and attempt a similar adventure with your old yoga pants!


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