Monday, 6 July 2015

Skirt rehashed

This skirt was a piece which I couldn't fit in for a while, and while waiting to 'reach it' I have lost more weight and an attempt to wear it as a low waist skirt was less then formidable. I felt like an aunty. Which I am not!
Since I liked how the waist was done, I didn't really feel like destroying it in an attempt to smallify the skirt, so I rather went for a chop and for a low waist skirt. Once I have chopped, hemmed and dealt with the fly on the back I decided the skirt was way to plain, so I used some of the length, some lace trim and made a couple of decorative pockets at the front (because I don't need that cargo skirt thing on my thighs!) making it a fun little skirt I have been wearing for so many times already! I mean, this being a refashion made in the spring, and now being the summer.

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