Sunday, 30 November 2014

Third life of the cotton yarn sweater

Once upon a time, when I was a young college girl in love with a guy I bought a pre-owned sweater at the flea market and gave it to the boy. Many years have passed by, boy became my husband and the sweater was still with us. My husband didn't seem to like to wear it any longer, and did not want to donate it either. And so it became my new project.

For a while now I have liked open front sweaters, and I thought they are really fun and cool, but I just didn't have that one that would work perfectly for the open front sweater refashion. Once I stumbled upon this tutorial I knew I was going to make it - the open front sweater from men's sweater!

The main reason I thought this sweater was the right one for this refashion was its lovely grey edge. The only things I did different from the tutorial were the following:

1. Sleeves: they were to wide, and I took them in to fit

2. Back seam: in the tutorial, the sweater was boat neck, while mine was v-neck. Therefore, by using their method I would have lost 5-6 inches of sweater width, which was a sacrifice I wasn't willing to make.
So, I have trimmed the front, but did not trim the back panel as much prior stitching. The result was the off-center seam on the back, which wasn't looking good. To balance it, I made another 'fake seam' like this:

So, the final look I got was as if the back of the sweater made of 3 pieces - one narrow panel at the center, and two larger panels on sides. It finally looked like this:

3. Finishing raw edges: The tutorial suggested serging or crochet finish. I can't even hold the crochet hook properly. I tried to learn and follow the tutorial, but it was too labour intensive. So, I double folded the raw edges and hemmed them. They look just fine!

And here is my final product - I love it so much, I started wearing it to work immediately. Think it is going to become my favorite go-to cardigan!

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