Monday, 24 November 2014

Cardi glitter up

The Internet is full of sweater to cardigan refashions, and I believe everyone has done at least one since we have discovered we can. I hesitated because cardigans I wear are typical button down ones that I pair up with a other basics, and I just did not have the sweater that I felt was right for this type of refashion. But then, in scouring the closets at my mother's house, I found this weird sweater. It was rarely worn as it was not quite as comfortable to be worn without a shirt or a tee underneath without being way to uncomfortable and bulky.
Along with this sweater, I used a meter (give or take) of inch wide repp tape shown below on the sweater. Another reason this sweater wasn't a great choice to be worn as it was is in its rather loud texture and a very closed neckline.
Sweater up close and the repp tape
The process was quite simple - fold the sweater in half vertically, cut the front in half lengthwise. The rest is all about finishing. I have sewn the repp tape with the sweater front panels, then folded the tape inwards, underneath the panel. I first ironed it and realised it would be too floppy, so I added fusible tape between the repp and the sweater to give it some structure and ironed it. Next, I machine stitched the tape and the sweater lengthwise. I have hand sewn the little pieces of repp tape that were poking outside the collar.

But, the cardigan was not finished yet - it still lacked a "point of connect". I have found a really beautiful button that looked nice on this cardigan and made a bias tape loop. I have sewn these around half an inch below the collar.

Button and loop detail
And here id the final result of this refashion - a shiny cardigan - perfect for wearing with black turtleneck and dress pants!

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