Wednesday, 5 November 2014

An (im)pending skirt

I had started making this skirt during my previous sewing phase, which was back at the college (a decade ago). I remember it was a plus size burda pattern, a really simple one to tailor and sew. And I got this crazy corduroy fabric with patchwork print, which I really liked. And then, my sewing machine died while I was trying to stitch it. And it was sitting around unfinished for a decade, until I finally came across it and decided to finish it, as I have lost some weight and I could again fit into the skirt.

One of the major problems was that I have lost the lining which was supposed to go underneath the skirt, as corduroy tends to stick to your thighs as if it a velcro tape, not a fabric. So I had to find the appropriate lining. Fortunately, I had salvaged lining from an old skirt which had fallen apart, and I have kept the lining on its own. Luckily, it was the right size!

I adjusted the size of the lining to the skirt, using pinking shears and the machine. As I have lost the fabric scraps that were supposed to be used for making the waist of the skirt, I decided to make it waist less and to fold over the top hem twice after attaching the lining to the skirt, by pinning and sewing. Instead of the button, as I wanted to make the side as seamless as possible, I have added a little hook to keep the zipper from opening.
Once I finished it, I decided to take the skirt out for a test drive, where it revealed a bit of a problem.
The lining was peeping below the skirt at all times, even though its length was just right - a bit shorter then the skirt... because of course, the corduroy is sticky, and it sticks to the blouse at the waist, as well! This called for another round of trimming of the bottom hem of the lining and stitching it. And finally, after 10 years, I finally have the impending corduroy skirt!

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