Tuesday, 28 October 2014

A forgotten refashion

During the summer, I have conducted an inventory of my refashioning stash. There were a number of things that I started working on but didn't finish, some that are still waiting to be refashioned, and apparently there are some that I refashioned and forgot of doing them.

In the process of exchanging the summer for the winter wardrobe I came across one of the latter pieces - a kind reminder of the summer.

I haven't really taken the after picture - but here is one from the vacation. The process was pretty straight forward - the usual length trimming, with a little exception. As the pants were noticeably narrowing down, I decided to make (leave) a little slit in the outer seam of the pants above the hem, so the hem would end at the slit.

This little change made wearing these shorts very comfortable, especially for the long drive!

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