Saturday, 5 March 2016

Who remembers plush tracksuits?

To answer the above question... apparently, I do. A decade ago we were all wearing  plush tracksuits (knock offs and no names) because they were IN. Then, we kept wearing them because they were so damn comfy!
Shamelessly, I kept my suit all these years still preferring the bottoms as my go-to home wear. Although I rarely wore the top and bottom parts together, the zipper on the top part was broken last year, and I simply couldn't find the one of right colour and length to replace it. So, this sweatshirt was sitting in my refashion pile for a while now.

So the old zipper underwent a lengthy picking session...

So the front could be stitched up.

This could have done the job, only... I really dislike closed sweaters with hoodies. They are like, the worst. So, in this scenario, hoodie had to go!

Buh-bye hoodie! But wait! I had some scraps that are a match to this lovely fuchsia colour... And I could make a fun collar!

Ta-da! (please note plush bottoms - I am simply beyond help)

I am delighted with this save! I feel like I am going to have many cozy nights this cold spring!

Love & peace,


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