Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Saving men's denim jacket

My husband has two main characteristics when it comes to clothes. The first one is that he dislikes going shopping unless really necessary and for the second one - he insists on keeping his old clothing items, although he hasn't been wearing at least 50% of his wardrobe for years.

For these reasons I tend to dive in his wardrobe and find items that are still looking good and can be worn for an additional period with some alterations. A while ago, I found a pair of never worn pants in his closet. The reason for keeping a pair of never-worn pants was the fact they needed to be shortened and he did not care for the colour. So I fixed and dyed them and now they are his favourite.

As the seasons were changing (the winter is finally behind us) I figured I should take a look in his spring clothes and I found this denim jacket:

It was really faded and it missed one button. Since it had no major defects I decided to give it a dark blue dye bath together with a pair of hubby's faded cotton pants. Since both items were made of pure cotton, the dye (I use iberia) took on really well. As these garments could handle it, I set the washing temperature on the highest setting. Additionally, there was the issue of the missing button.

I tried to remove a button from the cuff and reattach it to the front, since these buttons were really specific, and I didn't have a similar one in the stash, but sadly this attempt failed. I found another button of the similar colour and size and put it in place of the formerly lost button. And that was all that had to be done!

I hope my husband will enjoy this revived jacket and wear it out and about.

Peace and love to all you refashionistas out there!


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