Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Week 4 of 52 - Back to basics shirt update

Not all refashions bear a well of creativity, and sometimes it is the simplest ones that are the most utilisable. I find this to be quite right, especially when it comes to clothing basics, like a white shirt for example. Everyone needs a decent white shirt in their closet, and so do I, especially as I work in the justice system.

My closet was hiding one frumpy, yet good quality white shirt which I haven't worn lately for the very reason of being way too frumpy.

This picture being so bad, I have decided to try staying away from my narrow mirror and phone combo and rather try having someone take a photo of me for my future refashions. However, I think that you get the picture of the problems related to this shirt. It was to wide for me and the long front I really disliked. 

So, first, I pinned the sides of the shirt and basted as marked. 

Next I stitched it. 

Then, by using the pinking shears I cut off the extra fabric at sides and zig-zag stitched the edges.

Next I tackled the too long front. Before proceeding with cutting the front, I have unpicked the tiny hem approximately one inch from the side seam to the front and to the back as well. This is an important step for neat hemming later. 

With pinking shears, I have first cut right front in a straight line. Then I attached the fronts and following the side I first trimmed, I trimmed the other side as well.

Once the front was cut, I have made the tiny hem starting from the front. I did it by double folding the fabric inwards, so that the edge becomes hidden. I do not pin the tiny hem, but rather hold it down as I sew - two to three inches at the time. The stitch length is usually shorter then in other hem types.

So, as this finishes this little visual guide on how to make your shirt fit better! I hope you make yourself some fitted shirts as well!

Belted it looks even better!

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