Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Week 3 of 52 - Sleeves to legwarmers

As I was recovering from the flu, this week's refashion was something that required only a little machine sewing and the rest was just hand stitching, which I did while I was still in bed. The garment the sleeves I used came from this blouse:

You might remember it from one of my previous projects - the dress I made for the New Year. I used it as the bottom part of the dress and I kept the sleeves.

First, I chopped off the sleeves to make the edge straight and then I machine stitched it to achieve the necessary shape and width. Then, I trimmed the excess and zig-zag stitched the raw edges. Then I folded and stitched the top edge. 

From an earlier inspection of the sleeves I knew that one of them was somewhat holey, but the other one was more like riddled with holes. The lucky circumstance there being was the fact that holes were mostly located along the seam, which I removed in the process of fitting the sleeve in a leg warmer. However, there were still some holes which needed to be fixed, like this one:

So, I first hand patched the holes the best that I could. The fact that they were not very big, but rather numerous and the knit being black, made this worthwhile.

As plain black legwarmers are no fun, I decided to add some sequins to the top edge and I chose black, golden and brown ones for this. After several episodes of Criminal Minds I was done with sequin embellishing of the leg warmers.


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