Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Funky pants

When I came across photos of tie bleached jeans, I immediately knew I was going to try to make a pair myself. I found a number of tutorials online, and all of them were consisted of the same instructions.
All they entailed was rubber-band 'estrangulation' of jeans and some patience towards bleaching them. As far as I am concerned, I felt like every tutorial I came across was fine, so all it takes is to google the term 'tie bleach jeans tutorial' and you will have some decent instructions to get a unique pair of jeans.

I had this pair of dark grey jeans which were pretty worn out and I made some effort to make the necessary fixes before I proceeded with tie-bleach routine.

These pants needed to be cropped, as they were a bit to long and ripped at the heel. The zipper needed to be replaced, as it kept opening.


They also needed some reinforcement between the thighs, which I also did, along with the other two repairs.

Once I was done with all the repairs this project entailed, I have proceeded with tying the jeans with rubber bands. I'd like to make a point that there is no right or wrong way to tie your jeans for bleaching, however I would like to make a few points on that matter:
  • there is no way to exactly replicate a design
  • more ties and more random tying will yield a more intricate design, while
  • fewer ties, similarly arranged will yield a more like 'tie dye' design
  • there is no certainty what colour will emerge during this process
  • if you feel like you must know the underlying colour of your jeans, try making a bleach test on an inconspicuous place prior proceeding with the project.
Supplemental: I have an additional precaution - perform bleaching outside (balcony, porch) or in a well ventilated space, as bleach fumes are harmful for humans and pets. They can also aggravate underlying respiratory issues. So, proceed with caution!

To cut the story short, here is the result of this tie-bleach job:



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