Thursday, 13 November 2014

A night in the town as Frida Kahlo

Halloween is not a traditionally celebrated holiday in my country. It is a religious holiday observed by catholics through liturgy and prayer, while the following day is commemorated similarly as in Mexico - by visiting graves and decorating them. Only with less fuss.

However, the globalisation and consumerism have brought the Western-American tradition to our door a while ago, and as ever and as anywhere, there are people who like to go "undercover" and have fun. And I certainly am one of them.

For my costume, I have decided to be Frida Kahlo. The woman who I deeply admire, for everything she represented, both in private and the public sphere of life.

And my lovely husband, he agreed to go as Frida's sidekick - her partner and painter, Diego Rivera.

Supplies for Frida and Diego's costumes

ethnic dress/top
black maxi skirt
dark hair wig braided with a scarf
diy flower band 


dress shirt
a hat

painting props


dress pants

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