Thursday, 29 May 2014

How to make a pillow and a pillowcase from trash and cheer up your balcony

I am quite aware of the fact that making this blog was not about general DIYing, but rather about promoting refashions made to fit and flatter plus size girls.

Nevertheless, prior embarking on my quest, I needed doing some reacquainting with the sewing machine, as I haven’t as much as touched it in over a year. So, please forgive me, and allow me occasional outburst of home-making projects. I promise to be more diligent on the refashioning front.

I have recently discovered a fabulously sturdy and practical storage at my mother’s attic, which I simply had to find the right purpose for at my small, yet crowded apartment. So, my great-grandfather’s military travel crate from WW I (yes, you read that right – WW One) became the storage-siton balcony element!

Only, it wasn’t all that comfortable, and I wasn’t prepared to turn it into an ottoman for that purpose, so I have resorted to some fabric scraps and threadbare pillows to make an appropriate couple’s balcony bench.
First, I made inner pillow case that I’d fill with filling from a couple of old pillows:
Inner pillowcase filled with stuffing and sewn shut

Next up, I gathered a few other pieces I needed for the outer pillowcase. I really wanted to make a removable outer pillowcase, as I have a cat that leaves handfuls of fur anywhere she lies down, and that’s pretty much everywhere. I have sewn together the top floral fabric with red fabric I salvaged from an old pillow, which was sitting around for ages. The final, and the most difficult step was sewing on the zipper (also salvaged from a worthless piece of clothing) like this:
And the end result:
Look how cute it looks! Perfect for morning coffee, once the summer is here!
And a bonus - the crate hides all gardening tools and supplies, yay!

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