Friday, 26 July 2013

Why the Curvy Girl's Style and Refash?

I've been rummaging over the web lately in pursuit of ideas for clothes' refashioning, especially those appropriate for big girls.

My findings came down to nearly nothing. Yes, there was a pile of blogs dedicated to refashioning and another pile dedicated to celebrating big girls' style, but none of the blogs I found met the thing I was looking for - curvy refashions!

So, there lies the reason for starting this blog, along with the fact that I have recently started refashioning garments.

Secondly, after going through hundreds and hundreds of Refashionista aka Jillian's projects (,  I was inspired to start filling the gaping hole in the web where the refashioning for big girls should be. So, thanks Jillian!

But, there is only so much that you can do when refashioning for curvy girls. I mean, there are some don't dos and don't wears, such as a skirt too short to cover fat knees, or bra-free and strapless tops with large'n'saggy boobs... but, we will get to that... eventually.

Until then, I hope I will be able to accomplish one refashion per week and share it with you described in detail.

So long my curvyluscious and refashion loving dears!


  1. FINALLY! I've been hunting for larger size refashions too, so happy to discover you!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! And thanky ou for your feedback! Sadly, I am not able to make more than a project per week and post, but stay tuned!