Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Some serious falling behind the schedule

During February I have fallen victim to some serious slacking when it comes to my 52 refashions in 2015 project, which I am quite ashamed of.

For a while I kept contemplating how to tackle this pause... so I just decided to make it work. Most likely, there will be a time during this year when I will have be more likely to create then I was in February, so I will proceed with my projects exactly where I have left off.

I have even bought a clothes rack to keep a visual on pending refashions, as hiding them in boxes wasn't very inciting.

In addition to this, I have combed through my closet once again, to retrieve some pieces which I simply can not keep wearing as they are, as my body keeps changing.

So I made a trade off deal with my sister - I fix some of my pieces and get them to her, and she gets me the access to her closet and the never-ending pile of clothes she doesn't wear any more. I the meantime, I gave her a couple belts which were too big and a winter tunic which was too short to refashion in a dress... so I hope that more refashion inspo is about to come!

On an additional note (as I keep thinking about refashioning a lot more than I can get my hands on it), I think I have thought up a smart way to take in dress pants (which I have a several good quality pairs to deal with).

But, prior dealing with those, I think I'll fix myself a fun good-bye-winter-oh-you're-still-here skirt for my semi-outdoors birthday party next Sunday!



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  1. I'm glad you're going to keep going; I look forward to your refashions. Good job on the shrinking out of your clothes! Any tips or lessons or ideas for those of us on the same mission?